Tim Baker Nature Trail

The Tim Baker Nature Trail is a low impact, natural looking pathway that minimizes disturbances to the surrounding vegetation and wildlife while providing aesthetic appeal. Furthermore its purpose is to offer a discovery trail to actively involve families and children, especially in learning the flora and fauna of the area.

The trail is circuitous as it moves through a variety of forest zones featuring unique species of plants. The hike begins at the wooden bridge. There are wood and tree bridges to navigate as the hiker travels from low to higher elevation. There is a meadow observable from the path where one might see deer and other animals. The trail ends at the far end of the Clubhouse property by the fishing pond but the walk continues as one can observe the perimeter plants as well as watch the trout rise on the pond.

Tim Baker was a valued member of the RRG&SA board of directors. He was the ultimate volunteer as his help was appreciated by many town organizations.